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Identifying key talent at various levels of your organization and implementing talent development programs are critical to unleashing the potential of your workforce and building your organization’s bench strength. Hudson will partner with you to:

  • Identify and develop high potentials at all levels for succession
  • Focus and individualize development programs for high potentials, emerging and critical leaders
  • Help build your organization-wide leadership capability

Hudson has a variety of talent development services to help you get the best from your workforce, which include:

Development Centers
Leverage strengths and identify opportunities

Hudson’s development centres are built on our best-practice assessment methodologies and tools. We adopt a highly objective and rigorous approach to determining the development and training needs of employees.

360 Degree Surveys
Enhance self-awareness and performance

Hudson’s 360-degree feedback assists your employees in enhancing their self-knowledge and improving their performance by giving them access to objective responses from a range of critical stakeholders.

Leadership Development
Grand plans require grand leaders

Leaders are the driving force behind realizing your organization’s growth and ambitions. Hudson can assist your organization in understanding the critical success profile of a leader for your business, and then measuring and evaluating employees against this profile.

High Potential
Identify and develop your future leaders

Our programs identify high-potential employees by measuring them against established leadership success criteria and using the results to determine each of their strengths and areas for development. These insights are then used to develop tailored and targeted developmental activities.

Learning Styles
Build higher peformance teams through learning styles

As the basis of change and development for both individuals and businesses, there is widening recognition of the need to understand and capitalize on different learning styles within organizations. Employees vary widely in their ability to learn and retain information, and they each have a preferred style of learning. Knowing the learning styles of your employees will help you develop training programs that are flexible enough to accommodate different learning agilities.

Not sure what talent development service would be best suited for your company? Contact Hudson today and discuss the best options to help you reach your talent goals.

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Anthony Martin

Executive Vice President, RPO & Talent Management, Hudson RPO, Americas


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