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Regardless of industry, size or specialization, the greatest asset any organization has is its people. As such, the task of finding, selecting and retaining the best people is paramount in both an organization’s day-to-day performance as well as the achievement of broader strategic objectives. Hudson offers a variety of employee assessment services to help provide a leg up on the hiring process.

Meeting Today's Demands and Tomorrow's Challenges

With a shortage of skilled candidates in some disciplines and an oversupply in others, how does an organization go about attracting, finding, evaluating and finally retaining the very best candidates?

How do you determine if a candidate is likely to develop within your organization, with the ability to manage the demands of today as well as the potential to grow into positions of higher complexity and influence in the future?

Hudson can help your organization assess, select and keep the best people, thereby strengthening organizational capability and reducing staff turnover and its associated costs. We achieve this through our employee assessment services:

Improve selection quality

COMPETENCY PROFILING Finding the right people to fill pivotal roles in your organization requires understanding the appropriate mix of skills, attitudes and knowledge that lead to desired behaviors and ultimate success on the job. Competency Profiling for these roles allows you to focus on the right criteria during the selection and development process.

Improve hire quality

PSYCHOMETRIC TESTING Among our proprietary tools and methodologies, Hudson’s psychometric testing has become a powerful tool and a proven method of delivering significant business value. Psychometric testing ensures hiring managers select candidates based not only on their skills and experience, but also on their cultural fit and potential for growth.

Highest predictor of job performance

ASSESSMENT CENTRES Using an Assessment Centre will improve your chances of selecting high-performing candidates who can demonstrate that they have the competencies required to be successful in identified roles. Adopting an objective, robust, multifaceted approach to assessing competencies, potential and fit of all applicants for a position allows you to concentrate your recruitment efforts where the likelihood of hiring the right fit is greatest.

Increase the objectivity of selection

INTERVIEW SKILLS TRAINING Interview skills training delivers better outcomes. Hiring the right people is crucial to any organization’s continued success, while the costs of hiring the wrong people are considerable, including corrosive impacts on an organization’s image, reputation and morale.

Unsure of the best employee assessment service for your company? Contact Hudson today, tell us your current assessment situation and we’ll provide you with some options catered to your specific needs.

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