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Talent Management

What is Talent Management?

At Hudson, we believe that talent management means selecting the right people, developing their potential, fueling their enthusiasm and building their commitment to your organization.

Understanding and evaluating people is at the heart of our business, creating a solid foundation for our products and services and enabling our clients to make fact-based decisions and smarter investments in their people.

Our clients look to us for support when they need to:

  • Improve the accuracy and efficiency of hiring and promotion processes
  • Clearly understand employees’ strengths and development needs
  • Improve management and leadership capability
  • Identify and/or validate high potentials or successors for key positions
  • Develop structured career and development opportunities for employees

Hudson can help you to develop a customized talent management strategy that’s right for your business, whether you need help with assessment and selection, development and retention, or coaching your people to enhance their workplace performance. Read more about our various talent management services below or contact us with any questions you may have.


The greatest asset any organization has is its people. As such, the task of finding, selecting and retaining the best people is paramount in both an organization’s day-to-day performance as well as the achievement of broader strategic objectives. Adopting an objective, robust, multifaceted approach to assessing competencies, potential and the fit of applicants for a position allows you to make fully informed hiring and promotion decisions and improves your chances of selecting candidates who will be high performing, long-serving employees.


Identifying key talent at various levels of your organization and implementing talent development programs are critical to unleashing the potential of your workforce and building your organization’s bench strength. Hudson will partner with you to determine the development and training needs of your employees and then successfully develop and deliver solutions to address those needs.


Life is about learning, and we all can benefit from improving our skills. Hudson will partner with you to help your employees unlock their potential, master new skills and behaviors and inspire positive work attitudes and relationships. Whether coaching needs stem from talent reviews, management preparation or career planning, Hudson’s expert coaches utilize proven coaching methodologies within the context of their own experiences and the particular situation to meet your specific needs.

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Anthony Martin

Executive Vice President, RPO & Talent Management, Hudson RPO, Americas


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