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Mining Recruitment and Metals Recruitment

We specialize in Mining Operations,
Project Development, Exploration and
Executive Leadership recruitment.

Hudson’s International and Emerging Markets recruitment team has been working with Canadian-owned mining businesses for the past 30 years. Our Canadian clients within the Mining and Metals industry have had broad geographical exposure to Africa, the Middle East, CIS, and Latin America in addition to Canada itself. We specialize in recruiting for a range of mining and metals jobs including Mining Operations, Project Development, Exploration and Executive Leadership.

Canada Mining Recruiters

Head office roles have been filled for companies located in Toronto and Montreal along with site positions in various locations around the country. We are experienced in searching for candidates who have specialist experience whether it be working on multi-billion dollar projects, working with a particular type of mineral or exposure to working in the far north of Canada. We are also able to find mining and metals candidates who would like to repatriate after spending a number of years working internationally.

International Canadian Companies

In addition to finding candidates to work for various operations and on different projects in Canada we have also worked with a number of Canadian companies who have expanded into international ventures. Our vast experience sourcing high quality candidates within the international market place compliments our work with Canadian companies and has provided us with a strong platform to help companies expand internationally.

Mining Operations, Project Development, Exploration and Executive Leadership

Our expertise lies in filling mining positions across various functions and business units. We have strong global networks and work with experienced, high potential candidates who come to us in search of new challenges. Having worked with various companies, in different countries and in a variety of circumstances we are able to offer our advice to correctly identify the right talent, first time around. Our years' of experiences enables us to have a strong understanding of the type of candidate you need to help your business succeed.

Arctic Climates

Since early 2011 we have been recruiting for different metals and mining companies in Canada who have interesting projects and operations in the far north of the country. We have built a network of candidates who have experience working in the challenging environment that these areas bring: months of darkness, bitter cold weather and tricky logistics to name a few.

Example Assignments

Mining Operations

  • Mine Manager – Iron Ore, Canada
  • Technical Service Manager – Iron Ore, West Africa
  • Operations Manager – Gold, West Africa
  • Senior Metallurgist – Copper, Latin America

Project Development

  • Project Controls Manager - $4bn project, Toronto / Arctic Circle
  • Engineering Manager - $6bn project, Toronto / Latin America
  • Lead Process Engineer – $6bn project, Toronto / Latin America
  • Project Manager – Iron Ore, Toronto / Mexico


  • VP Exploration – Gold, West Africa
  • Senior Project Geologist – Iron, Canada


  • Regional Director – East Africa (Canadian Company)
  • Regional Director – West Africa (Canadian Company)
  • VP HR – Toronto
  • CEO – Base Metals, London listed
  • COO – Gold, Central Asia
International Recruitment Contact

Craig Marcham

Managing Consultant


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