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Predictive Talent Analytics for Talent Pools & Retention Programs

Predictive Talent Analysis

Hudson combines predictive talent analytics with other technologies to offer Predictive Talent Pooling and Employee Retention programs for companies.

What is Predictive Talent Pooling?

Predictive talent pooling is a hiring approach that blends strategic sourcing, traditional talent pooling and a predictive algorithm that signals when a candidate has likely launched into a new job search. Predictive talent pooling provides an edge for hiring star industry performers, meeting diversity goals or simply creating hiring efficiencies by focusing sourcing efforts on candidates who are more open to a job switch. 

Hudson has 330 million global candidates in its predictive talent database to help clients find just the right employee at just the right time.

To learn more, view a sample report or read our white paper: 

View a sample Predictive Talent Pooling report

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Predictive Talent Analytics for Employee Retention

Employee turnover by any name—attrition, churn, outflow—is costly for business. To lower turnover levels, companies are increasingly harnessing predictive talent analytics and the power of big HR data for insights into the employees most likely to leave, changes that could persuade them to stay and the best timing for sourcing new talent.

As an example, by leveraging predictive intelligence, Credit Suisse reduced attrition by one percent in 2014, in part by moving 300 people who were shown to be at risk of leaving the Swiss bank to new roles within the firm. The organization estimates it saved between $75 and 100 million in hiring and training costs. (“Why People Quit their Jobs,” Harvard Business Review, September 2016)

Predictive talent analytics programs for employee retention not only signal when an employee may be ready to exit the companies, but it also aids in identifying department-wide issues such as underperforming managers, lack of training or an undervaluing of certain roles. Thus, HR leaders spend time fixing the underlying causes of high turnover rather than constantly recruiting to fill high-attrition roles. 

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