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9 things you need to take off your resume right now

9 things you need to take off your resume right now

Some resume mistakes are straightforward. Bad grammar, spelling mistakes and inconsistent formatting—they're all simple enough to spot if you keep your eyes peeled.

But then there are other kinds of resume mistakes. The ones that you don't realize are wrong!

Here are 9 things you need to take off your resume right now...

1. Your date of birth or graduation year
Many studies on unconscious bias have shown that even seemingly innocuous details like your DOB may have an effect on your chances. No one needs to know how old you are or the year you graduated from school. Just leave them off.

2. Your street address
Do you post your resume online? Including your street address on that resume gives potential identity thieves another bit of information about you. Also, there’s no need to risk that an unsavory person gets access to your address. Including the city and state or province is good enough.

3. Photos
Chuck any photos or visual elements unless they've specifically asked you to provide one with your resume. Otherwise, they're just distracting and take up valuable space.

4. Long sentences
You know what is harder than reading one resume filled with long sentences? Reading a pile of resumes filled with long sentences.

Use bullet points to make your resume easier to read. Keep the statements concise.

5. Unnecessarily long words
Likewise, words that are difficult to read or sound too over-the-top are just going to bore or annoy whoever is reading. 

Remember what George Orwell said: "never use a long word when a short one will do."

6. Irrelevant work experience
You might think previous jobs that were tough, interesting or character-building are worth keeping on your resume.

But the truth is unless it's relevant to the specific job you're applying for, it shouldn't be on your resume. 

7. Inappropriate email address T
ip: it's time to retire sk8r_girl_91@hotmail.

If you're not sure if your personal email will look bad or not, just make yourself a professional-looking email account that you use specifically for job applications. It's easier that way!

8. Lies!
No matter how small, no matter how well you think you can cover for it, and no matter how convincing you think it is, lies will be discovered one way or another. Don't risk it.

9. "References available upon request"
​It's stating the obvious and taking up room on the page. Get rid of it!

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