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Improve E-Commerce and Logistics Hiring with Predictive Analytics

Improve E-Commerce and Logistics Hiring with Predictive Analytics

People propel your business—from website designers to warehouse managers.

From January 2017 to June 2017, the available e-commerce and logistics talent supply met only a portion of demand across all roles. Below is supply and talent demand data sourced from Career Builder’s Insights portal:

Industry Supply Demand Percent of talent available to meet demand
E-Commerce 26,419 33,563 78.7%
Logistics 19, 892 92,097 21.6%

Leverage Predictive Analytics to Improve E-Commerce & Logistics Hiring

According to Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report, most companies recognize the importance of people analytics but many have been slow to harness the data. Between 2016 and 2017 there was little increase in the number of companies enlisting such data.

Yet predictive analytics give companies the competitive edge by helping them source star candidates seeking new opportunities, and by improving existing employee retention. These insights are crucial in today’s tight talent market, where businesses aggressively poach top industry employees.

A star performer is 400 times more productive than an average performer. What if you could add a few more of them to your ranks? Imagine the implications on company performance.

Hudson’s predictive talent pooling is a hiring approach aimed at hiring more top performers faster. It blends strategic sourcing, talent pooling and predictive data tools to hire better people in less time and at less expense while meeting many of the new workforce demands.

This unique talent pooling approach incorporates strategic sourcing methods to identify desired talent for specific pools. Candidates are then placed within the pools and then tracked to monitor more than 6,000 different data points from publicly available data sources (including social media, public job boards and licensed data sources) that indicate job seeking behavior activity. Candidates’ job seeking activity levels are measured, thereby indicating who is more likely to respond to your outreach.

Anytime you can predict the opportune time to reach out to top talent in your industry, it will give your talent acquisition function, and ultimately your company, a competitive edge.

Consider the efficiencies gained with this information. If a company has 500 candidate prospects inside a talent pool and a new critical role becomes vacant, the time and effort saved by the ability to identify and reach out to the most qualified and active job seekers in the pool is substantial. The results are a faster time to fill at a lower cost-to-hire.

Predictive talent pooling helps with those seemingly impossible-to-fill roles, but also helps with meeting diversity goals, pipelining for and filling leadership gaps, and also building a contingent/contract/part-time workforce for the Gig Economy.

Hudson’s predictive talent analytics are a fast, easy and low-cost solution for hiring and retaining exceptional logistics and e-commerce talent across your organization.

Partner with us. Let’s talk about doing a pilot program to demonstrate how predictive analytics can help your business thrive. Contact Hudson today

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