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5 Ways RPO Benefits Logistics & E-Commerce Hiring

5 Ways RPO Benefits Logistics & E-Commerce Hiring

It’s a candidate’s market.

From January 2017 to June 2017, the available professional-level talent supply met only a portion of demand for e-commerce and logistics roles. Recruiting in this environment can be overwhelming for in-house HR teams who have other responsibilities to manage.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the right solution when you need to access the best talent in an efficient, professional and cost effective way. As an RPO provider, we become an extension of your team, making hiring easier and more efficient, while you continue to make all the hiring decisions. 

Below is U.S. talent supply and demand data sourced from Career Builder’s Insights portal:

Roles Supply Demand Percent of talent available to meet demand
E-Commerce Professional-Level Roles  43,820 96,389 45.5%
Logistics Professional-Level Roles 43,740 145,127 30.1%

Top 5 benefits of an RPO solution:

1. Cost reduction: Reduce costs by limiting your reliance on multiple agencies and multiple job boards. RPOs also decrease indirect costs related to poor quality hires, lengthy vacancy periods and high turnover.

2. Scalability & flexibility: An RPO model can be scaled up or down as your recruitment demand fluctuates—without compromising speed, quality or your employer brand.

3. Quality of hire: Through the application of rigorous assessment and selection methodologies, RPO providers positively impact retention and performance of new hires.

4. Reduction in vacancy time: RPO drives efficiencies in the recruitment process that deliver significant reductions in time-to-fill.

5. Enhanced employment brand: RPO recruiters ensure consistent messaging and are dedicated to driving candidate satisfaction at every stage of the recruitment process. This attention to detail has a positive impact on a company’s employer brand.

Why not run a small pilot program with Hudson so we can demonstrate these benefits first hand?  Contact us to get started today. 

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