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Social Media Monitoring in HR and Recruiting

Savvy candidates treat job search like any other major purchase by using social media to learn as much as they can about a company before clicking “apply.” Just as we all leave breadcrumbs and pick up cookies that allow retail advertisers to create detail-rich profiles on our buying preferences, today we can use job search behaviors to make HR and Recruiting decisions. But should we?

How will your brand fare in the war for talent?

How to become an employer of choice and capture the hearts of existing employees and potential candidates has now become a major challenge facing most business leaders.

Clearly differentiating consumer and employer brands is critical to attract the right candidates in a talent short market and engage existing employees.

9 Warning Signs Your Company Is Unprepared For Large Project Growth

Your mid-market company is growing fast. HR has scrambled to put in the proper training and benefits programs. Now you’re expanding into a new market or launching that new product. You’ll need 50+ hires quickly. Is it realistic to assume your HR team can pivot into a lean-and-mean recruitment machine?

8 Signs You’re Stuck in a Talent Time Warp

Just because the economy has rebounded from the Great Recession doesn’t mean that your talent mentality has also rebounded.

10 Qualities to Seek in a Hiring Partner

Hiring is too important to get wrong. Seek out a hiring partner that offers recruitment and employer branding expertise; speed; flexibility and scalability; customized solutions; cost savings; a high-touch, consultative approach; compliance with government requirements and SLAs; talent management & coaching services; technology and data expertise; and the ability to reach beyond current borders.

Typical Talent Challenges for High Growth, Mid-Market Companies

Leverage workforce planning to anticipate and diagnose the typical talent challenges for companies in high-growth mode at the macro, talent-specific and high-volume project levels before they hinder an initiative’s success.



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