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Global Candidate Survey Results

What Are The Best Ways To Engage Job Candidates?

Given the nearly universal adoption of LinkedIn as the go-to recruiting tool, today’s challenge is no longer identifying and sourcing talent, but rather getting their attention among of sea of recruiting inquiries.

How do talent acquisition professionals cut through the noise to get candidates’ attention?

Hudson and HRO Today conducted a global survey of candidates and recruiters to identify the best methods for getting and keeping candidates’ interest. Here we present the combined candidate and recruiter North American results.

The reports below examine the attraction, engagement and communication techniques that talent acquisition professionals claim are the most effective versus those rated by candidates as most effective. The report also blends in commentary and advice from a cross section of seasoned talent acquisition experts: a corporate recruiter, an agency sourcer and a Ph.D. organizational psychologist.

Candidate Attraction

Candidate Engagement

Candidate Communication

Explores survey results related to:

  • Methods to attract candidates
  • Effectiveness of methods to attract passive candidates
  • Effort required for recruiting passive candidates
  • Candidate sources of information about job openings
  • Candidate sources of information about a company
  • Candidate willingness to refer recruiters

Explores survey results related to:

  • Company attributes candidates want
  • Sources used to engage passive candidates
  • Website content used to keep candidates engaged
  • Social media used to engage passive candidates
  • Content effectiveness for keeping potential job candidates engaged
  • Candidates’ willingness to reapply after rejection

Explores survey results related to:

  • Job application and interview process
  • Frustrations with the job application and interview process
  • Candidates preferences for initial contact
  • Email impact on engagement
  • Communicating via phone calls during the recruitment process
  • Importance of the talent pool

About the Global Job Candidate Survey Study

The Hudson/HRO Today global candidate study consisted of qualitative and quantitative phases. For the qualitative phase, 10 recruiters and six candidates across multiple regions were interviewed by phone. These in-depth interviews defined the issues that impact candidate engagement most and helped focus the questionnaire for the next phase of research.

During the quantitative phase, 4,203 candidates from North America, Latin America, EMEA and APAC regions completed an online questionnaire. The candidates were sourced from social media and Hudson’s extensive global database. Additionally, 153 North American recruiters also completed the survey.

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