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E-Commerce Recruitment

Strategic Talent Sourcing Solutions for E-Commerce Jobs

At Hudson, we understand that change is the natural state of e-commerce and that innovative, adaptable employees are crucial to the success of your business. Our dedicated e-commerce recruitment team knows the skill sets required at every level of your organization, from e-commerce executives to digital marketers to customer service representatives.

Why Hudson for E-Commerce Recruitment

Our recruiters and hiring strategists know that agility drives e-commerce success. Customer shopping habits are constantly changing as technologies evolve for point of sale, marketing and delivery. You need to attract top-tier candidates at a time when competition is fierce for technology, user experience, customer service and data analytics talent.

Hiring with Speed and Agility

Whether you are hiring for one open position or one hundred, every unfilled role is costly to your business. This equation can help you calculate the daily cost of each open role across your organization:

(Total Company Annual Revenue) ÷ (Number of Employees) ÷ 365 = Daily Lost Revenue

There are difficult-to-quantify costs as well. An unfilled digital marketing manager position or multiple online buyer openings will slow down your business and put pressure on existing employees, leading to a decline in both customer and employee satisfaction. Hudson works closely with your organization to prioritize hiring needs and fill open positions quickly with dedicated, top-tier talent.

E-Commerce Recruitment Services:

  • High-Volume RPO – Whether your organization is opening a new distribution center, expanding overseas or has a specific hiring project for the busy season, Hudson’s recruitment process outsourcing scales up or down as your business requires.
  • Pre-Hire Assessments – Hudson’s proprietary pre-hire assessment tools help pinpoint talent who can adapt to a fast-changing industry, and are a good cultural fit. 
  • Military Hiring – Military veterans are highly qualified for e-commerce careers. Hudson offers a pool of former military professionals who bring dedication, flexibility and respect for teamwork to any position. 
  • Employer Branding – Hudson works closely with your organization to improve your employee value proposition, so your organization appeals to experienced candidates, and you minimize talent turnover.
  • Predictive Analytics – We create predictive talent pools to anticipate when experienced e-commerce candidates launch new job searches. Reaching out when candidates are ready increases the likelihood of hiring star performers.

Whether your organization is seeking one high-level executive, expanding your data analytics team, or hiring buyers, our specialized recruiters have the insider experience, insights and tools to recruit skilled, energetic and creative candidates for your e-commerce jobs.

Let us Prove our Value

Interested in Hudson taking on a short-term hiring project to demonstrate our value? Contact us today to learn how Hudson’s specialized e-commerce recruitment team can help you improve your business.



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