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Leveraging Talent Pools and Talent Communities

Implementing Advanced Talent Strategy

In a challenging marketplace short on skilled and available workers, specialty talent pools and talent communities may be the answer. Drawing on our data about the talent availability in a given sector or geography and our unique and innovative sourcing techniques based on predictive analytics, Hudson can help you explore alternative approaches to finding qualified candidates in addition to going the traditional recruiting route.

Specialized Talent Pools

Hudson can help you create a talent pool of former military personnel Discharged and Retired Veterans

The Canadian Armed Forces educates and trains the most effective and progressive leaders in the world. As these professionals leave the service and begin to build civilian careers, they bring with them a variety of high-demand technical skills as well as a strong work ethic and proven leadership ability. Hudson can create a talent pool of former Armed Forces personnel who are prepared to use the skills they honed while in service for your organization.

Hudson can help you build a talent pool of recent and future college graduates Recent Graduates

Hudson can help you harness the skills, energy and enthusiasm of new or soon-to-be college graduates by establishing an on-campus presence for your organization and building a talent pool of the best and brightest among them designed to meet your hiring needs now and in the future.

With Hudson’s help, your organization can develop talent pools through internships and coops Internship Programs/Coops

Using interns is an effective way to support existing staff during temporary or seasonal spikes in work activity. Internships can also serve as a pipeline for entry-level employees by providing a valuable trial period in which to assess skills and cultural fit. Hudson can develop and manage an internship program for your company that will ensure a constant pipeline of cost-efficient and available talent. We can also assist in developing a coop – a joint venture between your company and a local university. Interns are usually unpaid or receive small stipends, while those in a coop usually receive a salary.

Talent Communities

Create online talent communities with Hudson’s help Talent Communities

Hudson can help you create online talent communities through which potential candidates can freely exchange ideas and information about topics ranging from career advice to feedback on employment opportunities. Benefits of building a talent community include::

  • Keeps passive candidates actively engaged with your organization
  • Allows you to build a strong pipeline of engaged talent who already know your organization and are a good cultural fit – ready for when roles become available
  • Equates to less time and money spent on job boards and advertisements and more time pulling in passive candidates

Discover how Hudson’s innovative sourcing techniques can help you fill difficult positions by using our talent communities and specialty talent pools. Contact Hudson today with your current open positions and see how we can help.

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